How to book Japan hotels by cheap prices in

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Are you planning to visit Japan? Don’t you want to know how to book Japan hotels by the cheapest prices?

The famous hotel booking site which you know, are,, Priceline or TripAdviser maybe. But, Japan local tourist often uses and Rakuten when they book hotels in Japan. is the largest hotel booking site in Japan managed by Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.

Search for the cheapest price

For example, I suppose that you will stay at Conrad Tokyo on July 7th. That day is the Weaver Festival (Tanabata), one of the summer festivals in Japan.
In the TripAdviser, hotel prices are displayed as follows:

The accomodation price starts from 59,122 yen. Prices by Japanese booking site aren’t the cheapest.

The accommodation price of is not displayed in Tripadviser. When examining the price at, even on the same day there is a cheaper price than TripAdviser. Just there is a 15% off campaign.

From here, I will explain how travelers who live outside Japan check cheap accommodation prices.

Operation at

First of all, you have to find the Japanese name of the hotel you choose. As an example, I will explain at Conrad Tokyo.


In order to search hotels in you need to search in Japanese. Therefore, you will examine the Japanese name of Conrad Tokyo.

You scroll to the bottom and choose the language.


Change language from English to Japanese.


TripAdviser is displayed by the Japanese.


The boldface part in the upper left is the hotel name in Japanese. Select this and copy it.


Search for the hotel in

Open (Open another window)

An alert saying “You can view in English [Go to English Site]” appears at the top of the page, but do not choose this. Prices on English sites will be higher unlike Japanese sites.

We will translate the whole page to make it easier to work. Right click and select English translation.


A dialog will appear. Click Options.

Fill in check in ‘Always translate’.

Paste the Japanese hotel name in the search window.


The hotel name in Japanese was filled in the search window.


Click the search button.


Search results are displayed. If the page language returns to Japanese, right click and translate to English again.


Conrad Tokyo was found in the search.


Click to go to the detail page of Conrad Tokyo.


The second tab from the left shows the price list and staying plan list.


To search the plan by entering the staying date and the number of rooms, you translate the page in English.


Fill to Check-in date, number of stays, rooms, peoples. Then search again.


Accommodation plans list are displayed.


How to book in

Next, I will explain how to book Non-Smoking City Twin Room. It is one example.


The meanings of the icons is as follows.

Click ‘Non-Smoking City Twin Room’, then go to detail/reservation page.


Scroll to page down, then see prices and button for reservation.


There are three method for the reservation.

(i) If you have already ‘Recruit ID’, login and proceed to book.

(ii) If you don’t have ‘Recruit ID’, sign-up and proceed to book.

(iii) You can book without creating ‘Recruit ID’. But, almost discount price isn’t allowed.
(A explanation of Yellow square may not appear. Addresses outside of Japan aren’t allowed too.)


Let’s proceed to book by creating your ‘Recruit ID’.


Send a mail at temporary registration page, then you receive the mail written a registration URL.

Click a registration URL.


You must to fill in password, name, date of birth, sex, nickname, address at a Japanese page. Especially, the second row of ‘your name’ isn’t allowed by English. Therefore you fill in dummy character.


Go to the confirmation page.

Here is the end of registration. Next, you fill in details of reservation.


Next page is a choice of payment. You can choice payment on hotels or advanced card payment.

If you choice a discount price, you can only choice advanced payment by card.

Next is the last confirmation page.

Scroll to page down, then see the button of decision on a reservation.

Congratulations! You have decided on a reservation. The reservation contents are sent to your e-mail address. Please confirm.

Have a nice trip to Japan!

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